Best Credit Cards Offered by TD in 2019

Nowadays, percentage of contemporary society perceives carrying fiat currency as redundant and primitive. Instead, it is more preferred to use either debit card or credit card; therefore, it is crucial to scrutinize which credit cards offer the best perks and how to know which one to choose for your current status. This short essay will analyze the best credit cards of 2019, issued by TD Canada.
Essentially, TD offers credit cards within different categories depending on the use –whether it is for personal or business purposes, and customer preference for such as rewards programs, cash back on purchases, or travel advantages.
Currently, the best TD credit card for casual consumer is “TD Cash Back Visa Card”. Primarily, there is no annual fee to own this particular card, unlike “TD Cash Back Visa Infinite” which offers the upgraded version charges 120$ per annum to acquire. Furthermore, all charges made on the credit card under “grocery” or “gas” category are eligible to have 1% back on each dollar spent at $5,000 yearly cap. Other purchases falls under their Standard Rebate of 0.5% cash back. Additionally, only requirement is to be a resident of Canada who is of age in most provinces to obtain this credit card.


On the other hand, “TD Cash Back Visa Infinite” requires customers to have $60,000 personal or $100,000 household annual income to be eligible to obtain the credit card. It currently offers a special deal of 10% cash back on every dollar spent for first three months with a maximum collective spend of $2,000. Also, the special offer which ends on September 20, 2019, exempts from new customers to pay any annual fee during their first year. If the eligibility requirements are met and your monthly expenditure is relatively high, the current special offer might just be the right one for you.


However, if you are a frequent traveler and would like to benefit from necessary expenditures “TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite Card” might be the one to choose. Eligibility requirements are same as “TD Cash Back Visa Infinite” and the limited time offer –which ends on September 3, 2019, will allow customers to earn up to 80,000 TD Points ( 200 TD Point equals to $1 ) with no annual fee on the first year. Every dollar spend on the card will earn you 3 TD Points and you will earn 9 TD Points per dollar on online travel bookings made through Expedia For TD.
The interest rate on purchases for above mentioned credit cards are ranging from 19.99% to 20.99%. In this case, if you are looking for interest on purchases to avoid paying extra when balance is transferred to next statement, then the “TD Emerald Flex Rate Visa Card” is the absolute option for you. The rates are ranging from 8.75% to 16.7% depending on your credit assessment with credit limit at minimum of $1,000.
Overall, TD offers credit cards for all needs and preferences. Ultimately, “TD Cash Back Visa Card” would be the go-to option for most people; however, for some, higher-end credit cards could be more beneficial and rewarding than the others –depending on the expenditure.

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