Some Tips to Save Money Fast

When disaster strikes and you need to come up with cash quick, what do you do?  Maybe it’s not that, perhaps its a surprise vacation or a great deal that will only last a short time.  Whatever your reasons are, there are a few ways to quickly come up with a large amount of money.  So here are some tips on how to save money fast.

Pick Your Time Frame

When you need to start saving fast, you need a time frame to work in.  You have to know if you have two weeks or two months to come up with your savings.  You’ll have to be more extreme with what you’re willing to do if it’s a short amount of time.  The amount of time you have will also help decide which of the options below is right for you.

Financial Fast Week (around 2 weeks total)

It’s not pretty, but it is the most effective thing for a short-term savings goal.  The whole point of the week is to not spend a single penny that you have.

  • You only eat what you already have in the pantry
  • You don’t get to buy an extra tank of gas for you car
  • Anything you can do yourself, you should.

Face it, you probably have a stocked fridge and pantry that will cover you for a week.  You also don’t want to borrow anything because that doesn’t save money, it just makes you pay it back later.  It is not recommended at all.

The second part is this:  Spend the rest of the week planning your purchases for the next week. You don’t have to restock any groceries you used during the second week.  Only spend money on the bare necessities for the entire second week.

When You Have a Couple of Months

You are going to be using three months as your time frame for this method.  The idea is that you’ll only need to save really carefully for three months and then you can go back to normal.  This is actually going to start off a bit similar to those who are only saving for a couple of weeks.

Cancel Everything You Can

Cancel all the extra things you have going on.  Cell Phones, TV, Netflix, subscriptions, and all costs for hobbies are due to be cancelled for at least three months. This is all temporary and after you’ve saved up what you needed, then you can add things back in.  Call every single one of them and cancel.  Do this within the first couple days to get the maximum return.  Recurring fees are one of the easiest expenses to overlook. You don’t think you can change things, but after you have, you’ll wonder why you never did in the first place.

Coupon Hunting and Group Rates

This can take a little work, but if you’ve got at least a whole week to plan a shopping trip, you’ll make sure and do a good job of it.  There are all sorts of coupons you can use.   You can even search online to get lots of coupons.

Make a Spreadsheet

Open up Excel or a similar program and make a list of all the things you are doing to save money.  In another column, write down how much you’ve saved in that line.  The most important part is to take the real money out and put it into a safe spot.  It won’t do any good to save all this money if you forget to put it away before you spend it all.


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